Piano Moving

Piano Moving

Piano Movers with Experience.

You have to be properly trained, have experience, and the proper equipment to safely move pianos. We’ve moved all kinds of pianos across the US. All kinds of uprights and grands.

Moving Upright Pianos

The are 4 different types of upright pianos that we specialize in moving – Spinet, Console, Studio, and Upright. Spinets are the lightest ones and on average weigh 200-350lbs. Console pianos are taller, measuring at around 3.5 feet tall, but are the same width and depths. The Studio piano is 4 feet tall and is around 400 lbs. Finally – the classic uprights. An upright can weigh anywhere between 500-800lbs. Normally older pianos weigh more – especially those built before the 20th century.

Moving an upright piano normally involves 3-4 skilled movers. We first properly pack the piano with heavy-duty moving pads and sometimes make an additional box crate for it as well (depending on the finish of the piano). We then place it on the piano board, which protects the bottom of the piano on all sides, along with the floor as well, so that if it needs to be slid, the metal piano wheels do not scratch and dent the floor. The whole thing is then placed on a special heavy-duty piano dolly with big rubber wheels that do not leave indentation or marks even on the most gentle floors.

Moving Grand Pianos

There are 5 types of grand pianos that we’ll discuss below. They require a different approach than uprights in the way they are being moved. Petite grand, baby grand, parlor grand, semi concert, and concert grand pianos.

Petite grands measure 4.5 feet long, and won’t through the doorway without the knowledge of how to properly handle it. Baby grands on the other while having the same shape are bigger and heavier. Baby grand pianos are 5’6” long and normally weigh 500-800lbs.

Starting with the parlor grand is where is gets interesting, bigger and heavier. Dare we say really heavy at his point? Parlor grand pianos weigh 600-900lbs and you definitely have to know what you are doing moving those.

The final contender in weight and size is the concert grand. Even though, there are semi concert grand pianos and classic concert grand pianos – the equipment that is used at that point is the same. Concert grands go up to 9 feet in length and weigh upwards of 1200 lbs.

Moving a grand piano requires even more steps, technique, and steps. The first step is to remove the lid since when the lid is closed, its edges protrude past the frame, and when putting it sideways, we want to distribute the pressure along with the frame of the piano and not the edge which can otherwise damage the lid. We then remove the legs, one by one, most of the time the pedals as well, wrap the piano with heavy-duty pads and or box crate (as needed), put it on the piano board, strap it down, and place it on a piano dolly

When hiring any moving company make sure to ask the steps that are taken in safely transporting a piano, as silly as it sounds, there are movers who will try to move them with no equipment or steps described here which will ultimately create damages to the piano and your old/ new premises. Call Maxi Moving today and let us handle it with expert care.


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